Sunday, April 3, 2011

Monday, September 7, 2009

manga studio debut coloring try out

assalamualaikum and greeting
As request from you guy's out there, here i include with the artwork itself. After this i will be dng this a lot after i done finist uploading to youtube. So excuse for my lack of text in here because i,m a terrible writer to begin with. It seems that i got some problem to upload the HD version, maybe because the file were too big. So instead i reuploading the same file, i just upload the smaller scale of HD version. i hope you all like it.
about manga studio, yeah from the video you all clearly can see we can color it using manga studio. i realize this before but because it lack of "blur" tool so i just abandon it and try to color it else where like in corel painter and photoshop.  thanks to youtuber name AhotGirl9222, her works really inspired me to color it using 100% from manga studio.Then again like gimp, it not
that easy to color it in the first place. i really hope they can upgrade this color feature more in the next version of manga 
studio. Let hope it happen .
so until then enjoy. 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

long hiatus


hi there.....i know that not many visit here, but if you do visit here....all i cay is thanks for dropping by. now i know how important one viewer for me. i,ve been not updating anything in my own blog and that's is a bad sign for a blogger. i will not do that in the future. so this is more than a shout out rather than an update...because i just finish my exam and there is one more thing to settle...that is my final presentation that will held on 14 may and for the final it;s by the end of may 2009. mayber after the final i will be study back my 3d apps called cheetah 3d. its cheap....its easy...its for the mac only software,that all i want to say because i,m still learning it. i think tahts all for today post...hope i can keep update it regurlarly.

untill then.bye

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

update mac pro


Just upgrade my GPU and Ram for my mac pro.i just bought 4Gb ram and now i got 6GB ram now for £100 on and I got my ati 3870 mac and pc edition for
 only £100 on ebay(it just second hand anyway).Thanks to Emrah Aslan that sold it to me for a bargain price. the 3870 mac edition suppose to be £190 and i just got a £100.
here some of the photo i taken before plugin to my mac.

6gb ram on riser card

my old ati 2600xt 256gb verses ati 3870 mac and pc edition 512gb

ati 3870 plugin

Thursday, January 1, 2009

a taste from manga studio debut

yep....just trying out manga studio. all i can say is this software are great for me...maybe i will buy the new version of this software (manga studio 4.0 ex).
anyway.....2009 allready come and i wish good fortune to all of you out there...and have a nice day.

Monday, December 29, 2008

back to blender 3d

assalamualaikom and hello
Hi, i just study back my blender 3d and all i say is i start to get a hang some of the interface in blender. Unlike when i watch it in the first time last month. I still remember it feel like a hell just to remember some of the interface. just want to let you know, my previous 3d software i been using were 3d max and there were no max in mac. So i have to find an alternative beside max. after quite a while searching the right 3d application, i found blender and it quite good consider the end result are equal to maya. I see some potential on this software "blender". Plus it's open source....what else do you want, an animation equal to maya and it cost "zero" i just study it. The problem for a max user like me were the interface. I feel very alien with it and very confusing. Not until i found some good tutorial in "www.montagestudio
.org"....well you to buy the dvd of course, but the point is if you are a new n should check it out this cover all sort of thing in blender for a newbe. So all i can say is, just five it a try unless you allready a dont bother to buy it.

so here some of my 3d that i ben study using the tutorial. Still to many thing i had to cover.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

luffy vs odz art and osxtan snow leopard

artwork sketches of luffy vs odz. An epic final fight between this two really amaze me. I really cant imagine luffy could win this time.....but then again...he is the main you tell me...hehe

an artwork of osxtan snow leopard. rejoice to all mac user...we will getting snow leopard for next year...(i hope).